North Eugene Visioning Survey



Dear families,

We want your input! Eugene School District 4J is working to support and strengthen schools across the district, starting in the North Eugene region, and we want to hear from you.


The North Region Parent Survey is a 5-minute anonymous survey. It is one part of the North Region Visioning Process—an opinion- and idea-gathering process involving North Region parents, students, school staff and community members. This is an important process to identify a unified vision for North Region schools in the coming years.


This week, a sampling of parents in the North Region will be invited to participate in this survey. If you receive a personal invitation this week, you have been randomly selected to be part of the scientific sample for the survey, and it is important to the process for you to take part. Survey links will be emailed from Mary Johnstun of Lexicon and Line, the firm that is conducting this online survey for Eugene School District 4J.


Later this month, ALL parents, students, staff and community members will be invited to complete the survey to share your needs, concerns, and desires for your North Region schools.


We value the input of all North Region families. If you don’t receive a targeted email this week, please stay tuned for a link to the survey for all parents in about two weeks. In either case, we very much hope you will weigh in. Thanks in advance for giving a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts.


If you have questions about the North Region survey or visioning process, please call 4J Instructional Services at 541-790-7550.


With appreciation,

Raquel Gwynn, Principal