PTO Notes May 2019

PTO Meeting Minutes 05/13/19

In Attendance: Debbie Delatte President, Emily Omlin VP, Angelica Guerrero treasurer, Erin Martin Secretary

located in the library 6:30pm-7:50pm


New idea for next school year. Each month starting in October each class will have their own month for being responsible for finding volunteers (2 from each class grade level) 4 total for popping popcorn for the school. We will still have someone from PTO their to be able to show the volunteers how to pop the popcorn. We will start with kinder in October. Nov will be first grade, December we will skip as it’s a short month and we have winter break. January is 2nd grade. February 3rd grade, March we would skip due to Spring Break, April 4th grade, May 5th grade. Life Skills could either participate with their homeroom or they could have their own month such as March

If the grade level that is responsible for their month can not fulfill volunteers there will be no popcorn for that month

Class Room Parent–

We would like to bring back Class Room Parent. Even if the class teacher did not have anything for the class room parent to help out with we were thinking of having a PTO basket that the class room parent could help out with.

Reminder to parents to fill out the background check and completing the online training once a year.


We have t-shirts available if you would like to purchase one. $9 for adults and $7 for kids. We are running low on size medium. If you would like to purchase a shirt you can let Heather know. We sold quite a few at the Art show.

Jog A Thon–

Jog a thon was a success. It went very smoothly. Thanks to all our volunteers. We appreciate you. Brads car tunes was a hit! It was a hot one this year so not all the classes got to run their full 30 minutes. Something to think about for next year would be to have different times that the classes run. We were thinking of treating their jog a thon as an assembly day and have the kinder, 1st, 2nd run for 30 minutes, then we could have 3rd, 4th and 5th run the other half hour. This would then only take up one hour total for the day. It would help with not taking up Volunteers time, Brads car tunes not have to stay all day. If parents have multiple students at the school it would shorten their time to be able to watch their kids run. If it’s another hot one then kids would not get too hot while running as we could have kids run from 9-10am. Also another idea would be to have each class run with their buddies such as having 1st run with 4th and so on. Life Skills would run with their homeroom class

Monthly reminders–

We would like to look into Simply Circle or another way of having a reminder email system for volunteers. This would save on paper going home with kids. It would be an easier way of being able to put reminder in calendar

We are looking into purchasing stickers that the kids could wear home for different events .


We are looking to borrow for carnival night a generator that has 7,000 watts. If you know of someone that is willing to let us borrow theirs we would greatly appreciate it. We are needing this for our inflatables (bounce house & a few games) that we will be having for Carnival. Please contact us by email or on messenger if you are able to help.

We will be meeting May 28th at 6pm for carnival. We will be creating signs etc.. We would love to have your help.

Each teacher is responsible for finding volunteers for their booth. We would like for each teacher to have their own booth. We have enough games for each teacher to run their own booth. We would like volunteers to sign up for 30 minute increments. They will check in and out with Emily from PTO. She will have her walkie on her and can be notified that way.

Ems Baseball tickets–

Flyers will be going out this week. Packets will also be going out this week. Each ticket is 12.00 a piece. The student will collect the persons name, address, phone # that is purchasing the ticket as well as # of tickets they are purchasing. The student will give purchaser a receipt of purchase. The person who purchased the tickets will pick up tickets day of game (July 7th ) at will call. First come first serve on seats. If they have a large group we suggest getting their as soon as you can to be able to pick up tickets so they are all able to sit together. We have purchased 150 tickets. If our school sells more we are able to get more tickets from the Ems. Top Seller will get to throw out 1st pitch of the game.

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