PTO Minutes 01/13/2020

PTO meeting Minutes

01/13/20 6:30pm –7:37pm in Spring Creek Library

In Attendance: Debbie Delatte (President), Emily Omlin (VP), Erin Martin (secretary)


Current Event:

Penny Drive—Happening right now. This will end on 01/24/20. At this time we have collected 102.06 along with 25.00 brought in by Mrs. Tyler from one of her students ($127.06)

Upcoming Events:

Box Tops—we will begin this on January 27th and will go through Feb 21st. We will do a class prize/award for the class that brings in the most Box tops. The class that wins we will let the teacher choose either a pizza party, hot chocolate party, popcorn party, doughnut party.

Dinner Nights Out—Emily is working on getting more Dinner nights out on the books. We are trying to connect with Country Side pizza. We have not heard back from them as of yet. Be on the look out for new dinner nights out each month.

Carnival Donations—We are starting to compile our list of donators and will be getting our donation letter sent out. We will have this letter ready soon and will have a copy to be able to give out to teachers that would like to send a letter to a specific location or teachers can let us know and we can send our donation letter to specific location. We already have over 100 locations that we will be sending out to.

T-Shirt Orders—Our invoice came in for the t-shirts. The total cost was over $4,000. We will be checking our supplies that we have left and then will be sending out another flyer with what’s available if families still want to purchase a shirt. We had several men ask if we had any hats available for sale with Spring Creek Logo. At this time we do not have any baseball caps that we have purchased with the Spring Creek logo. We will look into cost on hats and see if this is do-able. Megan Dougherty is helping with this and will check into this as well.

Popcorn—We had several people ask if we would be doing popcorn more than once a month. We have decided we are going to only pop popcorn once a month as we just don’t have the monthly volunteers to help with this. This can be re-addressed next year to see if we have enough volunteers.

Budget Report—We briefly went over our budget and how it works and what we set money aside for and some things that we spend money on. We did not go over our exact amount as our treasurer was out.

Bingo—Our Bingo Night is scheduled for April 2nd from 6-8 with Spaghetti Dinner starting at 5:30-6pm. Our Bingo caller will be Chelsea Schwartz and Mr. Bolden will help man the prize table.

Jog A Thon—We are changing the date to Thursday may 14th from May 7th as we got word that our 5th graders will be at Outdoor school from May 6-May 8th. If the weather this year is predicted to be hot like last year’s jog a thon then we will have the afternoon classes run with the morning classes as this is a safety issue and we want to ensure kids do not get too hot.

Abby Pizza Dinner Nights Out—We have not heard yet from Abby’s how much we made. We will call them this week to check in with them. This was from our Dinner Nights Out in December

Clothing Swap/Clothing Closet—This was suggested by one of our teachers to hold a family clothing swap. Event where families could bring in old sizes that their kids have outgrown and swap with another family for larger/smaller sizes. Event not to make money, event to help school families instead f giving clothes that kids have outgrown to other charities. PTO currently has a closet of clothes that we keep stocked for kids that have accidents through out the day. Our closet does need more pants, underwear (new). It seems to be size 6 that we are running low on.

Amazon Wishes—while we are waiting to get the Amazon Smiles up and going it was suggested that teachers and even our school fill out an Amazon Wish list. This could be for things teachers are needing in their class, or even items that the school is needing. Others can view these wish lists and purchase off the wish list if they choose.

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