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Text: Counselor Corner

Eugene School District 4J

Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Mission Statement

The Eugene School District Comprehensive School Counseling Program is an integral component of the district’s total instructional program, enhancing the education and development of each and every student, pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The program is a collaborative model, comprehensive in scope, preventative and proactive in design, developmental in nature, and sequential in delivery. The program promotes student growth in the areas of academic, career, social/emotional and community involvement. Content is organized and implemented by licensed school counselors in collaboration with other staff and community partners. Content is delivered through guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, student advocacy and system support & integration. Value is placed on individual uniqueness, multicultural diversity, student ownership of learning and the maximum development of each student’s dreams and potential. The ultimate goal of the program is that all students will graduate:

  • Feeling valued and respected in a caring learning community
  • With the skills, knowledge and attitudes for success in the academic, career, social/emotional and community involvement domains
  • Prepared and ready for their next steps after high school
  • With the ability to be lifelong learners and problem solvers
  • Participating & advocating for social justice and equity for all