Panda Pipeline 11/09/2021

Hello Spring Creek Families,
Follow the link for updates on how our PTO is planning on making an Oregon College or ABLE Savings plan available to all families who are interested, COVID 19 vaccines for K-6 students, our Ruby Bridges Walk and Roll to school day, and more…Panda Pipeline.
Sebastian Bolden
Principal, Spring Creek Elementary
Eugene School District 4J|541-790-4870
Here is the first post of the Panda Pipeline with a link to the survey about the Oregon College/ABLE savings plan:

Our Amazing Spring Creek PTO is partnering with our school to offer reimbursements of $25 to any families who are interested in starting an Oregon College Savings Plan or Able Savings Plan.

Before our PTO begins fundraising efforts for this initiative, we need to see how many families are interested in starting a college savings plan and getting the $25 reimbursement. To identify how much we need to raise to reimburse families and also to gauge interest in college savings for your child, please fill out this brief survey.


Once we know approximately how many families are interested, we’ll begin accepting donations from individuals and businesses to ensure every family who wants to save for their child’s higher education can begin now.

Here are some fun facts about the benefits of having a college savings plan for your child:

  • Open an Oregon College Savings Plan account for your kindergartner and get an extra, automatic $25 contribution with the Kinder Grad program.
  • Kids who know they have a college savings account (even a small one) are 2.5 times more likely to go to and graduate from college. (-Center for Social Development, WA University in St. Louis)
  • Tax-Free Growth (after-tax program)
    • As the money you deposited gets invested and grows, the earnings are not taxed
  • State Income Tax Credit (means-tested)
    • Tax credits for contributions to the OCSP
    • Up to $300 for joint filers; up to $150 for single filers
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