Parent Involvement Policy

 The Spring Creek staff respects the diversity of our families. We strive to create a welcoming and respectful school environment. We maintain an Open Door Policy to foster communication between the home and school. We believe that the support of our families and other community members is critical to student success. Our goal is to create many opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s school experience.

  1. We welcome families at the beginning of each year with an all-school ice cream social. We inform the families about Title 1 services during our Annual Meeting, Open House, Conferences, Report Cards, and Title 1 events.

2) Our staff members communicate with families through weekly reports, newsletters, conferences, progress monitoring graphs, phone calls, autodialer calls, our school website, school reader board, Panda Pipeline, and e-mail messages. Some staff also use parent communication apps such as SeeSaw to keep families informed through the use of technology.

3) We provide families with timely information pertaining to student performance through parent conferences, report cards, and state and district assessment results.

4) Parents/guardians are invited to attend regularly scheduled meetings such as PTO (Parent Teacher Organization).

5) Title I funds family involvement evenings at least twice each year to engage parents and guardians in the school experiences of their student(s). 

6) Our school offers a range of additional events which families are encouraged to attend. These include an art night, grade level orientations, meet and greet, read-a-thon, and kindergarten orientation, OBOB. We also have a wide, Duck Into A Book, and a variety of family activities sponsored by the PTO, such as dinner night out events, fundraisers, and the annual School Carnival.

7) Our principal provides regular communication through “The Panda Pipeline” a twice-monthly newsletter for families delivered via e-mail and  via a link on our school website.

8) The Title I Coordinator offers relevant resources to parents/guardians via “The Panda Pipeline”, in collaboration with classroom teachers at parent conferences, and in the course of family involvement nights. 

Approved by the PTO on 9/14/23 

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