Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a program designed to encourage positive student behavior. The PBIS team implements boosters throughout the year to foster safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors. The team also implements boosters to prevent unwanted behaviors while enforcing positive behaviors.

September: Rule School, Safety Week, Crazy Hair for Kindness Because We Care

We are learning how to be absolutely safe and responsible in the bus area.

We are learning how to be safe,  respectful, and responsible in the breezeway.

Room 10 is crazy about kindness!

October: “Fill the Container” with a focus on keeping hands and feet to self at recess

Ms. Traci is busy and eagerly handing out pompoms to students.

We are filling our container enthusiastically. :0) Popcorn party, here we come!

Yay! Go Room 9! Go Ms. Morrow!


  • First PRIDE Award Assembly

  • Our first Community Award recipients